A Meal I Can’t Forget

November 19, 2008

It’s been almost a month since my husband, Jim, and I visited The Marine Room in La Jolla.  We were there with a great group of people that I work with and the menu was chosen by the meeting planner, Tricia Cole.  She is awesome!

Now I have to say that I’m a meat lover.  I really love a good steak and am particularly fond of bone-in Filet’s.  The bone was missing on this particular evening, but the flavor was not.

We started with a wonderful salad of greens with fig and fruit compote.  Stacked with a few thin slices of parmesan cheese.  The combination of sweet and salty was fabulous.

The entree was a filet topped with shitake mushroom butter and fruit compote.  Sided by wasabi mashed potatoes and baby vegetables, which were al dente.  And beyond all that the steak was like eating butter.  The combination of flavors made me feel like I was on a good roller coaster; every bite had a different range of flavor to it.

The dessert was a lemon tart.  Some might say, what’s the big deal about a lemon tart?  This was no ordinary lemon tart.  I’m not a big lemon tart fan as I usually find them to be too sweet or too tart.  Just not one of my favorites.  I’m a chocolate kind of a dessert person.  But I have to say, I would go back to the Marine Room, just for this tart.  Topped with a meringue dolop and a whip cream dolop, it was the perfect completion to a great meal.

I highly recommend a visit to the Marine Room.  Lived in San Diego all my life and this was my first visit.  Not only was food amazing, but the view is second to none.  Sitting against big picture windows that look out on the beach, the ocean and the sunset.  Something to relish on a hot fall day in San Diego.


Hello world!

October 20, 2008

This is my first blog and I’m really here for selfish reasons.  If someone gets something out of this…so be it.

I really believe that one of the most important aspects of life is to eat good food with good friends…and enjoy it!  So, this blog is dedicated to that great meal you had last year, last week, yesterday, tomorrow or in 10 years. 

In the last few years I’ve realized that when I have a really good meal I get the sensation of wanting to lick the plate clean, being that I’m usually in a restaurant and proper etiquette says “no licking of plates in public places”, I refrain.  But, that’s the reason for the title of this blog.

Stay posted.  I’ll be giving my opinions of some great food and restaurants, from wherever I may be in the world.  As I live in San Diego, a good portion will be local, but I love to travel, so there may be some surprises in store.